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Unseasonal Kind Face Oil
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Unseasonal Kind Face Oil

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Unseasonal Kind Face Oil

This Product Is: an oil-based treatment inspired by your skin's natural protection mechanisms; specially created to replenish lipid and antioxidant deficient skin

Good For: all people, skin types, conditions, and ethnicities

Why We Love It: Klur Unseasonal Kind Face Oil is formulated to match and mimic essential lipids and antioxidants naturally found in the skin. This oil-based treatment uses precise ratios of squalene, jojoba oil, co-q10, vitamins C and E, plus fourteen well-researched botanicals to provide impeccable skin replenishment. In addition, a liposomal delivery system ensures your skin receives the maximum benefit from every ingredient. Every application provides an essential lipid-rich environment for optimal skin nourishment to help slow skin degradation by preserving and replenishing its existing vitality without needing to be used daily for maximum effect.

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